Work Update…

After completing `Contours` a fellow student thought my work reminded her of Barbara Hepworth so I looked her up

I thought these looked really interesting pieces that seemed to be similar to my work.

Barbara Hepworth Orpheus 1956 9


Make Me a Dress by Barbara-Hepworth-006

Make Me a Dress

Barbara Hepworth: Sculpture for a Modern World | Tate Britain 24 June - 25 October 2015 to promote exhibition only ...  Barbara Hepworth Oval Form (Trezion) 1961-63 Bronze 940 x 1440 x 870 mm Aberdeen Art Gallery and Museums Collections ©Bowness, Hepworth Estate


Oval form (Trezion)

Her works are from the Modernist Era. I also got this feedback from other tutors that my work reminded them of this time period of making art.

After taking Contours apart, I decided to paint the wooden contours I made from plywood white, placing the wooden structure in the background and bring the space created by the angles and layers to the foreground. Investigating the negative space within the layers.


I have been inspired by negative spaces created by the likes of Rachel Whiteread ( Accessed 29/10/15) Ghost 1, This I find interesting particularly in the use of materials to express a feeling.

Cornelia Parker, made dust ear plugs from the dust in St Pauls Cathederal. At: Accessed (10/11/15)

I thought that her interest in the intangible whispers of the ` whispering Gallery` of St Pauls Catherderal. Was really well articulated in this work. Making something intangible, Tangible. Why would you want to articulate that?

I think this is a really interesting way of articulating a space because it’s not something that you would immediately think of.


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