I have been working with colour this week, by painting large strips onto A0 paper. I found my self doing this in a desperate attempt to connect with materials. I am still struggling to find a concept behind my work, but moving back into colour is a familiar place for me….

Final image cropped

First Painted strips..

I then decided to cut these out and then arrange them across the wall..

Cropped Cut strips

I wasn’t very satisfied with the fact that you could see the white paper from underneath the strips and also the tape I was using to stick the strips to the wall kept coming away.

I then decided to paint the other sides of the strips and use velcro to attach the strips to the wall, which worked much better..

Cropped final image

The downside of this work I think is that the colour isn’t as solid as I would have liked, particularly the green. This is household water based gloss, which actually dries brighter when applied. Unlike acrylic paint which dulls after application.

The next idea I wanted to work with was with some Vacuum Form plastic. I love the shiny surface of this material, it’s elasticity and the bright colours you can get.

I  devised a system of using dark to light colours and repeating the process until I came to the end of the lengths. Then using clear tape to secure the lengths together..

Cropped Final Outcome

Inspirations from artists are:

Gehard Richter  4900 ColoursGerhard Richter 4900 Colours image

Here Richter uses the denomination of chance with a computer program to determine which colours go together in each panel. Using Enamel paint. Mixing the colours himself.


Serpentine Gallery, (2008) Gerhard Richter's 4900 Colours: Version II At: (Accessed 17/11/15)

Jim Lambie Zobop Colour 1999

Jim Lambie, Zobop (1999) Lambie uses coloured tape working from the outside in of a space which, in turn creates a rippling design on the Scottish National Gallery.

Generation Scotland (s.d) Generation At: (Accessed 17/11/15)








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