DeWain Valentine At the Almine Rech Gallery…

I was intrigued to see what this exhibition had to offer. Through this experience I have learnt a lot more about different American Art Movements that took place in the 1960’s and 70’s, in particular the Light and Space movement that DeWain Valentine (b: 1936) became a part of. Valentine talks about his work having a supernatural power, capturing the `Atmosphere` of the Southern Californian, Hawaiian and Venetian places he visits, like cuttings from the sky and ocean (Greenberger, 2015).

Despite these works being produced in the late 1960’s through to the early 1990’s,  I think the resin pieces are still exceptionally cutting edge in their materiality. In the well-lit space of the gallery, the three Circle Clear-Blue. (1971) Circle Blue to Gray (1970) and Circle Clear-Rose (1970) sent you on a journey of colour feeling dreamy, conjuring up feelings of escapism.

Circle Clear- Rose 1970

In contrast, Clear Portal (1976-2014) created distortion within the environment of the space disorientating the viewer not only by shards of prismatic colours created within the work, but also in the way it distorted the space it was in, making me feel nauseous.

Clear Portal 1969-2014

DeWain says “I am fascinated by the idea of being aware of the outer surface of an object, of seeing through it and of seeing also the inner surface” (Almine Gallery, 2015). I did feel like I was mesmerised by the multitude of perspectives you could see within the work when walking round it and stationary. Jesc Bunyard Says “The works convey the artist’s interest in perception and colour, and bring an aura of calm to the gallery’s area. (Bunyard, 2015). Highly recommended and well worth a visit.


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