Lygia Pape at the Hauser and Wirth…

I was blown away by the fantastic Exhibition by Brazilian artist Lygia Pape who died in 2004. Curated by Olivia Renaud Clement (Diwan, 2016). Pape was part of the Neo Concrete movement (Tate, 2016). Her work explores negative Space.


                                                                                                                                                                                                 Tteia 1C (1976-2002)


What I found so exciting about the work was how it related to mine. Tteia 1C (1976-2002)  was created by using silver thread and nails. One line of thread was used to create geometric shapes. In this particular piece the space between the threads and the light and darkness of the lighting, weave in and out of the work. `The positive marks and negative spaces were of equal importance in an interpretation` (Hauser and Wirth, 2016). The light and dark forming one dimension of negative space, and also with the negative space between the silver threads themselves; A multifaceted piece.

Like a continuum of line, like a time line. One continuous line repeated over and over. Linking one end to another. I have been using video and tape to explore `Line`, the time line of a repetitive action reversed and repeated over and over. Pape`s work had similar qualities I thought. The magical spun, woven effect, like an orchestrated spiders web, the lighting streamed across the work at all different angles and you were invited to walk around the edges of the work, like a theatrical performance, the way the light reflected back to your eyes, adding mystery and wonder to the geometric shape. This was a perfect example of a repeated line,



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