Studio Practice Update…

27th October 2015

I have been working on the idea of contours and maps for the last crit Exhibition. I was given the artist Giuseppe

Penone Tree of 12 Metres (1967) to go and visit.


                                                                            Tree of 12 Metres (1980-82) Giuseppe Penone

Penone`s work was intended to focus on the relationship between nature and industry, and how through a sensitive approach to materials it would still be possible to work with nature in an industrialised world.


I was fascinated by the cracks in the timber he had worked on, how there was a negative space inside the work that was not planned, it was like time in suspension. That after he had finished the work, the wood was still moving, changing and evolving. I wanted to push something into those gaps and find out what shape they were on the inside. I began by making negative spaces with a material that was the opposite of natural wood, Polystyrene. I decided to use this material because it felt to me the antithesis of the more natural material of the timber.

Polystyrene Slithers

Moving it on I decided to make a shape with layers of MDF, screwing them together. MDF still felt like the antithesis of the timber used by Penone because it is made out of sawdust and a toxic resin. This then got me into thinking more about layers.


I then moved this on by cutting out layers of shapes and adding steel rods to make a more 3D effect of layers and contours.

DSC_0497                             DSC_0500

This became `contours` my first Crit Exhibition piece.

I have been inspired by negative spaces created by the likes of Rachel Whiteread ( Accessed 29/10/15) Ghost 1, This I find interesting particularly in the use of materials to express a feeling.